Why is this blog named “The Road Back”? Well, the name is twofold. First, the name quite literally refers to where Maple Grove Christian Church comes from. Maple Grove is the road our church was founded on over 100 years ago. While we do not identify our church as a building (rather, our church is the community that calls Maple Grove home), we do want to acknowledge the physical birthplace of our church family, and its history.

Secondly, “The Road Back” is an illustration of the relationship between God, his children, and Jesus. Simply put, God is perfect, spotless, and faultless (Psalm 18:30). Because of this, every sin we make takes us further down the road away from God (Luke 16:26). This is a one way street; there is no turning back. Our only hope is one lone road that we must choose to turn on. Jesus is that conscious decision that every Christian must make for themselves (John 3:16). He is the only road back.