Hump Day Hip-Hop

This week we're changing gears a bit and introducing Andy Mineo, one of my favorite artists. I've listened to Hip-Hop since I was a young kid in the 80s. But, Hip-Hop with a good Christian message was hard to come by. I have since found Andy Mineo, artist on Reach Records (part of 116 Clique [based on Romans 1:16]). Not only is their music inspiring, solid Christian messages, it is great Hip-Hop! I have recently read that Andy Mineo & Lecrae are starting to influence the 'main stream', secular, Hip-Hop artists! 

This video, Wild Things, helps me when I'm feeling like I'm comfortable in my life and don't feel like reaching out and showing Christ's love to those who need Him. I hope you enjoy this and explore more of Andy's, Lecrae's and the rest of 116 Clique's music.

- Jason