November 6th Sermon Preview

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem like we’re getting into more fights, more arguments, more quarrels, more disagreements and more lawsuits, than ever? 
President Franklin Roosevelt once said, “There is nothing I love as much as a good fight." Well, the Election is coming up on Tuesday – and Roosevelt would be delighted because this race has just gotten nastier and nastier. 
Why is it so hard to just get along with each other?  

Honestly, I guess the fact that we have a pugnacious nature is not really a new problem. Beginning in a field with Cain and Abel, human history is more easily traced by the bloody path of its fights than by its accomplishments. That path, sad to say, also cuts right through the church. 

Denominations bomb one another in Ireland, seminaries clash over doctrines, authors attack other authors in print, and on it goes, right down to the squabbles of individual saints. We fight, then we worship, then we fight some more. 

So, it isn't surprising, then, that the New Testament records the writer James addressing the problem of conflicts among Christians. It was the same two thousand years ago as it is today. 

But does it have to be? James says an emphatic “NO!” to that idea. There is wisdom available to help us learn to “play nice!”  Why not join us this Sunday as Pastor Rick presents a biblical solution to this age old issue.