Everyday Moments

Memory catching . . . you know . . . the moments, words, and shared adventures that are invaluable.

Do you intentionally make space for these most treasured family possessions?  In our 50+ years . . . these shared experiences and memories are what binds hearts together and strengthens our faith.

For example, whenever our grandsons are with us, they never weary of the stories Papaw tells about his childhood, as a paperboy, learning to build barns and fishing in the Boundary Waters.  Watching their expressions and attentiveness, especially as he describes events, the people involved, details about places, sounds, smells, and what he learned is far more engaging than any video game or passive screen activity.

Recently in conversation with my daughter, she reflected on a time when we commuted between Indianapolis and Bloomington.  As we covered the miles, we would read aloud from C.S. Lewis’, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and Prince Caspian (which I highly recommend for every family.)   The kids were 8 and 7 at the time . . . the questions voiced, the shared journey to a place in hearts and minds, and the discussions created some of our most precious memories.  Later, when those same novels were developed into the movies, we once again share how God’s truth stirred our soul and spirits as a family.

It’s the power of stories.  Good stories have the ability to transform realities, ignite imaginations, and help people find their place in the world. Throughout Scripture, it’s the stories that the Father used to draw us to Himself, to challenge our understanding, give wisdom to overcome obstacles, and create pictures of kindness and courage.

Stories that ask questions and inspire conversation.  Stories that entertain us, move us to laugh, cry, and wonder. Stories that open our minds to color, texture, nuance, and big ideas.  So dust off those picture books to read aloud, encourage family tales on road trips, or take turns with chapter books as these stories bring us together through shared moments and experiences. They feed our children and ourselves, grow sturdy roots and nourish our souls.

Stories help us to remember.  The word “remember” is mentioned 227 times in the New American Standard Bible. Remembering must be important to God!  God remembering His covenant in Genesis 9, of the promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when He sent Moses to lead His people out of bondage to the Promised Land, and throughout the Psalms the Lord remembered those who cried out to Him.  On the flipside, our Father calls each of us to remember; His covenants that are everlasting, those who He sent to speak truth, to remember His goodness played out over the years in the lives of Joseph, Samuel, Rahab, David, Peter, Mary, Lazarus, Paul, and you! 

A favorite site that offers practical ideas is Family Life .  Check out how to capture everyday moments and remember what shapes our lives.  And keep sharing stories!!!! 

- Rayna