December 25th Sermon Preview

What’s in a Name?

Sometimes I  wonder… if long ago, the true significance of what we would one day come to call, “Christmas,” was somewhat lost on Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zachariah, the three Wise Men and the Shepherds. Oh, I’m sure they knew Jesus was certainly unique and special, but in their wildest imagination, could they ever fathom the impact this child lying in the manger would have on humanity

And, you know what? 

I sometimes wonder… if we living today are really all that different from them.

I mean, do we who have seen a lot Christmas celebrations come and go, fully grasp the incredible significance of what God actually did that night?  Or has familiarity with the Christmas “story” led us to miss something truly important?

One thing for sure, the Bible and history tell us that Christ, the Savior and our Lord, was indeed born. We are told that a very special name had been declared to the world for the very first time.  

We don’t give much thought to it today when we name our children, but in the most ancient of understandings, a name expressed someone’s essence, it told you something about the one who bore the name. To know someone’s name meant that you knew their nature, you knew their character.  They had, in a senseactually become their name!  So if you knew someone’s name, you had the most intimate of knowledge about them.   

So what do we learn from Jesus’ name?

What insights can be gained from His purpose in coming to us?   

This Sunday, we will conclude our 2016 Christmas series. I hope you will join us as we finish Unwrapping God’s Amazing Christmas Gift to each of us!