I don’t care what you think! (and that’s a good thing)

I was a groupie. Not a fan, not an admirer, but a full-on groupie. I followed the blogs, bought the albums, joined the fan club and went to concerts. I would go to concerts early, wedge myself to the front and just wait. The concerts would start and they were spectacular. I wouldn’t call myself a dancer nor singer, but I would do both without a care in the world. I would take pictures and jump up and down with my homemade sign (and freak out if he noticed it!). I would try my hardest to catch guitar picks, drumsticks and wrist bands that flew my way. There might have even been a time that I ran to the other side of the arena just to touch his arm. Every concert was amazing and I was never let down.

Looking back on this, it all seems a little silly. Even embarrassing. My kids came along, I got busier and today I couldn’t even tell you his latest song. These days, I just win living room dance competitions to Kidz Bop and break down to music in the car. But you know where I don’t dance? Church. Even until recently, I barely would clap or even raise my hands. Why is this? I’ve prayed about it and it always comes down to I’m worried about what people will think of me. I can go to concerts and let loose and probably never see those people again. And as for dancing at home? Let’s be honest, my kids think I’m an awesome dancer, they have no clue. I get so wrapped up in what people think, I forget whose opinion matters. I’ve sat in church many times willing myself to stand up because I am overcome by God’s presence, but I can’t because I would be the only one standing. What is even crazier is that this is my church family. We are on common ground. We are all there to praise God. 

When I think about how I need to worship, I often think of the song, “The Heart of Worship.” The lyrics say, “I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it, And it’s all about You. All about You, Jesus.” I can’t make worship all about Jesus if I’m thinking about the opinions of those around me. I realize this may not resonate with everyone, but maybe it hits you hard just like it does me. Is there a barrier of self-consciousness between you and God? Maybe it is something else holding you back. The song also says, “I’ll bring you more than a song, for a song in itself is not what You have required.” God doesn’t want us to just sing to Him. He wants us to connect with Him. He wants us to be able to freely worship Him in an honest and authentic way. If this is something we desire, all we have to do is ask. Bring it to God in prayer. He can free us of the barrier that is keeping us from truly worshipping Him. He loves us and desires a relationship with us. So let’s put away our thoughts of embarrassment and go all in for Jesus. Raise your hands, jump up in praise or drop to your knees in reverence, but however we do it, let’s give Him more than a song. 

by Jennifer

No doubt Jennifer would do this!

No doubt Jennifer would do this!