January 1st Sermon Preview

God’s Got Your Number!


Have you ever thought about the significance of numbers? I mean, what they convey and what they mean? Beyond just their numerical value.  


  •  Think about what 16-0 means to a professional football team.  It means perfection.  Or,
  •  If I were to simply say, “Four score and seven years ago,” most of us would know that as the immortal opening of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. A speech in the midst of the Civil War where he was calling for equality and a unified nation.  And “four score and seven years ago” was harkening back to the beginning of the American Revolution when our country was started.
  • And then there’s the number 9/11.  The day the twin towers were attacked and our nation was forever changed. 


Some numbers just stand out, don’t they?  They can in the Bible, too. 


The Bible is full of numbers. And since we Christians believe that every word in the Bible is inspired by God Himself and has a purpose and significance, logically, the same can be said for every number.


And there is one particular number that has a lot to say to us at this particular time of year. A number that can make an amazing difference in your life and change the way you think about New Year’s resolutions. Curious?


2017 arrives this Sunday.  Why not welcome the New Year with us? Breakfast for all is served at 9 am and our Worship service begins at 10 am. And I will let you in on a secret that has the power to make this coming year your best ever!


See you Sunday!