A Letter From the Digital Campus Team

A letter from the Digital Campus Team to the Church Body,


During this past summer, a group of guys who call Maple Grove home felt like there was something missing from our ministry as a church. We looked at what we had to offer as a congregation (a list that includes supporting missions teams, donating supplies to schools, uplifting college students, spiritually strengthening members, educating children, and much more) and realized that we fell short in one category; digital connectivity.

Through the church, we have had discussions about the negative consequences of technology; all legitimate and the danger of abuse is very real. However, we have never had the conversations about the opportunities that technology has given us to spread the Good News of Christ. As the world becomes more and more technology driven, we would like to lead Maple Grove Christian Church (MGCC) in embracing the opportunities technology creates.

It is because of this hope we (with the elders’ blessing) created the Digital Campus (DC) Team. As a team and part of the Body, we had decided on the following dreams:

  • We dream of visitors finding the Digital Campus and using it to learn about the Gospel and MGCC.

  • We dream of MGCC members and visitors dynamically interacting through online platforms.

  • We dream of the Digital Campus bringing people together for face-to-face fellowship.

  • We dream of the Digital Campus leading people to worship and grow with MGCC at the physical campus.

As we work, learn, and grow through this process of expanding digitally, we ask for your patience, support, prayers, and feedback. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or contact us by email (connect@maplegrove.church). Explore the new website. Participate in some of the new and exciting opportunities that we are hoping to have available soon. Most importantly, pray. Pray the DC Team will have wisdom to make the correct decisions. Pray that this will be a tool to bring individuals to our physical campus, and into our loving family. Pray that this will provide individuals who are not able to physically attend MGCC a chance to meet Christ, grow in faith, and be a part of this loving community.

There are many parts that make up the body of Christ. We are humbly praying that this will be one small part.

For just as the body is one and yet has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though many, form a single body, so it is with the Messiah.  
                                - 1 Corinthians 12:12  (ISV)


Your friendly, neighborhood DC Team