Calling all Computerized Christians! Let’s change.

by Rob

Do you ever wonder how your computer can multitask so well? How does it allow you to surf the web, play music, run a spreadsheet, and maybe do 20 other things simultaneously?

Even if you’ve never wondered how multitasking works, I’m going to explain it! Your computer does something called context switching that is not perceptible to you. Don’t click that link if you haven’t already!

The concept of context switching is really simple; your computer cannot really perform all of those tasks at once. It generally does one thing at a time, but simply switches from task to task without you knowing this. For computers...context switching is great!

As wonderful as computers appear to be, we (people) are much more powerful and must not be like the computers that we are seemingly attached to. If we want to mature in our walk with Jesus, we must intentionally work differently than our computers!

Many people try to do this context switching in their own lives in order to multitask. Consider your family responsibilities: your job, eating, household tasks like cleaning and doing the laundry, exercising, and engaging in your hobbies. Most of these aspects of your life are independent of each other and while we claim to multitask, our attention is generally focused on one thing at a time. We have a tendency to treat our faith as another set of tasks that (hopefully) gets our attention. Maybe you attend church weekly. Even better, you take time daily for prayer and to read scripture. Even when we are disciplined with these spiritual efforts, we often treat our faith independently of many areas of our lives. It is not obvious, but our walk in faith and our relationship with God must be a part of everything that we do.

We are called to a maturity of faith such that we aren’t Christians on a part-time basis. We mustn’t switch off Christianity on the drive home from church, when we are engaged in our favorite hobby or even when we’re at work. We must seek to weave a strong cord of our relationship with God in everything that we do.

Here are two simple ways that you can intentionally, but easily, further develop your faith and resist acting like a computer:

  1. Talk to God - continually. God listens (and will respond) even if you aren’t on your knees with your head bowed. Acknowledge the power and sovereignty of God when you see the everyday miracles of His creation. Thank God when you experience even the little joys in life. Ask God for wisdom and guidance when you are impatient, frustrated or angry. Talk to God out loud or internally. Practice this discipline by conversing with God at work, at home, and at play.
  2. I consume lots of digital content daily (blogs, podcasts, music, etc). There is a great amount of excellent Christian content available...and it’s often free. Throw some praise music in your mix. Give yourself a break from Youtube cat videos and watch sermons. Listen to Christian podcasts while you are driving or working. Check it out! Just proceed with some caution as the Internet is rife with bad teaching; your Digital Campus team is making it easy for you with lots of great content. #digitalcampus.

Motivating verses:

1 Corinthians 10:31
Colossians 3:23

Rob is an Elder at Maple Grove and serves on the Digital Campus team.