Worship Wednesday

Simple Worship

On this worship Wednesday, we’d like to share a beautiful and basic example of worship. In today’s world, all different kinds of music are available to you at the click of a button. Rap, gospel, folk, rock, country; all of these categories of music can be used to praise God. And while they differ from each other in many ways, the beauty of their lyrics and the story they tell can be appreciated by all. However, sometimes we, as humans, tend to over-complicate an issue. We think on the topic and add layer upon layer to it until we need a textbook (or a 12 minute folk song) to explain it.

This video of Travis Greene’s song “Intentional” shows just how great it can be to praise God as one voice in the simplest of ways. Throughout this entire song, the people sing what is basically the same words over and over again. And there is nothing wrong with that! “Intentional” is mostly made up of these three lines of lyrics:

"All things are working for my good"
"He's Intentional"
"Never failing"

This may sound boring to a musician, but when you watch this video, and you see the love and joy the musicians sing these words with, you can’t help but want to join in. This song provides a very simple and basic reminder (one that all Christians should already know but tend to forget), that all things are in the Lord’s hands and that he is in control. He is intentional. He is working for His good. God will not fail.

There’s no reason to over complicate it. There’s no reason to worry. God’s got this.

Here’s a full version of the song if you’d like to listen to more!