January 8th Sermon Preview

2017 is here!

Quick question: Did you make some kind of New Year’s resolution?

Quick question #2: Are you still keeping it?

If not, don’t feel too bad.  Why? Because here’s the truth – we make resolutions, but we don’t stay resolved about them for very long.

In fact, according to the website “Statistic Brain,”

*75% keep resolution one week

*71% keep resolution past two weeks

*64% keep resolution past one month

*46% keep resolution past six months

75% keep resolutions at least a week.Now before you think that’s good, think again. That means that one out of every four of us can’t even keepwhatever we resolved to do for a measly seven days!

What is our problem? Why do so many resolutions fail?

Come to church Sunday and I’ll tell you!

It may change your life…