Getting Low For Jesus

Have you ever washed anyone’s feet? It is not a very sought after job, since our feet our normally dirty, have an odor, possibly sweaty and whatever you can imagine that goes with feet. When you read John 13:1-17 and Jesus spoke to the disciples about washing their feet, it’s another example of how Jesus loves us, will do anything for us, and how humble we should be to wash another person’s feet. 

Do you do any random acts of kindness? Do you look for opportunities to smile or open a door or do any Jesus-like action. We are supposed to put our faith into action and with Easter coming up, what better time to get low for Jesus!

Getting low for Jesus isn’t meaning low on the ground, or low in emotions or your spirit, but it means to do the tasks and deeds and acts that no one else really wants to do for others, whether they’re believers or people with questions, but do things in love! As it was said in a recent sermon, all lives matter to God, so they should matter to us and we should reach out as often as we can in any way. After all, God sent his ONLY son Jesus for you and for me! What more do we need to be convinced that it’s what makes life worth living, is when Jesus is in us living! 

by Maggie B.