Being a Christian Teenager

After getting asked approximately 3 times by the digital dudes to write a blog, I finally said yes. Please bear with me as this will be my first time ever blogging. When Nick asked me to write a blog I had absolutely NO idea what I would talk about. How does one even begin a blog? What do I write about? Who is going to want to read an 18 year olds blog? And that's when I kind of got the idea of what to write about. Being an 18 year old Christian in today's society.

There are so many reasons as to why it can be difficult. And so many more as to why I'm so glad I have God by my side, and I can tell people that! A lot of times when I tell people I'm a Christian I get shut down kind of fast or they get nervous or they start bashing me. Now this becomes very difficult because a lot of times I just want to talk about my love for Jesus and how having a relationship with him has made me so happy and helped me through so much.

People around my age get this idea that all christians can be hateful and closed minded which is a notion that absolutely breaks my heart. As a Christian we are to love everyone and we are to share our love of Jesus with the world. We are supposed to tell people the good news and help them in their walk with God. Pastor Rick mentioned, in church a few sundays ago, how a lady made one remark while in church that hurt someone enough to not want to go to church. It has become a very difficult thing to do when people my age want nothing to do with being a Christian because of something one person said or did. Most everyone at my high school knew that I was a Christian and that I would talk to anyone and everyone about my faith. I'm very open about it and I hide nothing. I loved being able to walk around my school knowing that I had God by my side.  I was loving to people and I cared about them whether or not they had God or not. If It ended up that they didn’t know God, I would always be willing to talk to them about it. A lot of times they would listen to me.

The fact that in high school I could talk to someone so easily about God and my faith was wonderful. There were times where I couldn’t because the person would completely avoid me for it, but for the most part I was given the opportunity.

But high school is over now. I’ll be starting college this fall and one thing that is definitely worrying me is my ability to talk to people about God and not be shut down or bashed. It’s a whole new world for me because I’ve been in the same place my whole life. I’m a little nervous, but everytime I think about it and get nervous I remember God is by my side and, no matter what, I have God and I’m excited, and ready, to tell people in this new place about God and what he can do. 

Emma Malwitz is a recent graduate of Martinsville High School. She will be attending Ball State University in the fall.