Apps I Use

We live in an amazing age! Even with its faults, the ability to stay connected with people all over the world is so effortless that it is becoming old hat. Growing up when I did, I’ve been able to see this change throughout my life so far. (And I know a lot of you have been able to see even more of it than I have) Going from a rotary phone connected to the wall with a cord that always got tangled to now having a mini computer in my pocket (and on my wrist) is staggering to think about. And on that mini computer, I can access so many great resources that help me in my walk with God. So I wanted to use this week’s blog to tell you about some of the resources I use and some I’d recommend. There will be links to everything as well so you can try them out too!

YouVersion Bible App What is better than having the entirety of Scripture with you all the time? This app is one of the most popular and free Bible apps available. The app features a number of different translations in different languages (there’s close to 50 just in English). Some of them are even available in audio forms. There are a lot of Bible reading plans available as well. Not just yearly plans, but smaller plans as well, like Easter reading plans and other topics. It’s just a great app that lets you get into the Word whenever you want.

Logos Bible Software Rick and I don’t have a research assistant like some of the bigger churches do, but we do have this software that is basically a research assistant. Now, the full version of the software is basically a library of commentaries and other books and is costly, but Logos offers a free mobile app that is quite good. If you’re studying Scripture, the free app can help with word studies, a study Bible and more. There are also reading plans available, although not to the extent that the YouVersion app has. This app, though, is what I use every day to read through God’s Word.

Echo Prayer There are a few apps that will help you pray, but this is one that I prefer. It is well designed, looks nice, and keeps things pretty simple. You enter your list of prayers and give a little description. Then you just hit the button to pray now and go through your list. The app will even give you reminders to help you remember to pray.

Day One Journaling is something I try to do, but have had a hard time actually doing. Day One is a wonderful app where journaling is the primary focus. It can be as simple as entering what you came across in your reading that day or even writing about the events of the day including pictures. Day One is where I keep some of the memories I don’t want to lose.

Overcast I love podcasts. They are basically my entertainment and I can easily listen to them as I do something else. Overcast is my favorite podcast player on my iPhone and iPad and I would highly recommend it. There are a couple of features for this app that are great. The first is Voice Boost which helps make the people on the podcasts sound great. The second is a feature called Smart Speed which shortens the silences without ruining the audio. Podcasts are great and a lot of churches (including ours) make their sermons available in this format. All you have to do is to subscribe to the podcast feed and then each time a new episode comes out, it should download automatically. In Overcast, you can even have it notify you when a new episode is released.

These are just a few apps to get you started. I feel like I should also state that if you prefer to have a physical Bible or pen and paper for journaling, that’s awesome! I do that as well. I’ve got the same Bible I’ve had since I recommitted my life to Christ and it’s what I use when I’m preaching. I also use a Field Notes notebook every day for my Scripture reading to take notes on what I’m studying. I try to use a combination of both digital and analog mediums and it has worked pretty well.

I do hope you found something useful in this post. Do you have any favorite apps you use to help you in your walk with Christ? Let me know in the comments below! 

Nick Spencer is the Youth and Media Director at Maple Grove Christian Church.