An Update on Going Deeper in 2017

In January, I wrote about how 2017 was a year of going deeper in our relationship with God. I also wrote about how I wanted to personally get deeper in my relationship with the Lord. Well, we are five months into 2017 and I thought today would be a good day to update how that quest is going.

The first thing I mentioned in deepening my relationship was to dive into God’s Word, which meant that I wanted to actually complete a Bible reading plan. I set up the reading plan so the people at Maple Grove could also go on that journey as well and I would say it’s been going well. So far, we’ve read through the narrative of the Israelites up to the exile and now we are going through some of the prophets. In all honesty, this is the first time I’ve made it this far in my Scripture reading for a year. Aside from a few hiccups, I’ve stayed on track and have been caught up reading where we should be. The one thing that is astonishing to me is how coherent and consistent the story is across the books we’ve read. I have felt that I have been reading one coherent story from Genesis to 2 Kings, which has been amazing. By doing the reading this way, I’ve also seen the amazing thread that God continues to provide for His people. Even when His justice requires punishment, He remains faithful to His covenant promise to rescue the Israelites. This has been an amazing journey so far, and I look forward to getting into Scripture daily. Also, my weekly podcast has also been going well. We have quite a number of people downloading it each week, so I am really thankful that others may find it useful.

Also in my previous post, I spoke about wanting to spend more time alone with the Lord. I can report that while this has improved, I still have work to do here. My reading plan has kept me in His Word each morning and I spend some time in prayer, but intentionally slowing down, taking time to just be in the Lord’s presence is still something that I’m working on. 

Finally, I wanted to deepen my prayer life with the Lord. Prayer has become a more central part of my life, especially my time in reading in the morning and as I prepare for messages, but there is still a lot of room for growth in this area. I think part of this is linked to the previous point, intentionally finding quiet time with the Lord. As one improves, the other should as well. I am still learning how to best enhance this aspect of my spiritual life.

2017 has so far been a very good year in my walk with the Lord, but there can always be improvements. How is your walk going? I’m praying that you are able to find time for your Heavenly Father and get into His Word every day. 

Oh, and by the way, I mentioned that I applied to school for my Master’s of Divinity degree. Well, I have been accepted into Moody Theological Seminary and will begin taking classes online in the fall. I am very much looking forward into learning more about Scripture and ministry for the next four years.