Trading My Sorrows - Music

The words to this song are stunning, which is not surprising as it's so closely based on scripture. I always liked it and wanted to personalize the music a bit so I let it rip. 

Wy wife and I sang this at her mother's "Celebration Service." Her mom wouldn't let us call it a funeral but told us to celebrate after she died by singing songs that reminded us of the ones she used to sing at church and when she was home cooking those amazing meals that always ran out when we were still only half full.

After the service my wife said she never really understood the meaning of the song until that day. She said, "The part where it says 'we say yes, Lord, yes, Lord,' I get it now. In moments like this my heart says it's not time to celebrate. My emotions say it's not time to celebrate. But my determination says "Jesus is still the same as he was yesterday. He is still the one who rescued me from sin and death. God is still Yahweh who spoke over nothingness and creation sprung into being. And he is still the father who loves me and invites me into his arms. I say, "Yes, Lord. I will celebrate.'"

She's quite a woman. Like mother like daughter I guess.

David Barton

David is the Worship Director at Maple Grove.