September 25 Sermon Preview

I suppose there are people in this world who just love taking tests, but I suspect that for most of us, we don’t like exams. Whether at work, in school or in life, tests can be stressful, they require some amount of preparation and the results can often be disappointing.  However, truth is, wise believers should learn to embrace them, because tests can reveal the truth about things.  For example,

·      Whether we are healthy, or not;

·      What we know, what we don’t know;

·      Where we stand; where have issues.


In short, they tell us the state of things.


Imagine…what if there were a test that would do that for us spiritually?  One that would indicate where we stood in terms of our faith, and whether we were really “real,” spiritually authentic, or not.  Would you want to take that kind of test? Probably not. Because it would be...well, revealing. But wouldn’t it also be healthy? Because if there is any area where self-deception is deadly, it’s in the spiritual world. We need God’s wisdom if we will ever learn How to Live Authentic Lives.


This is what we’ll be exploring this Sunday as we continue our series titled “How to Wise Up!” a journey through the New Testament book of James.